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Super Training Gym is a private facility at which QUALIFIED, COMPETITIVE LIFTERS can train at no cost, as part of team, during regular team training hours.  If you are currently a competitive lifter interested in joining the team, please use the contact form below. The team does NOT regularly accept new members, but all experienced competitive lifters will be considered.

If you’re currently a strength athlete or coach and are planning to visit Sacramento, please send a message using the form below to make a reservation. DO NOT show up at the gym without previous contact and expect to be able to train. 

If you’re interested in getting into powerlifting, we can point you toward a coach or trainer for group or individual training, but the team is only able to accept experienced lifters at this time.


Super Training Gym is located at

855 Riverside Pkwy – Suite 10, West Sacramento, CA 95605

Team Super Training usually trains according to this schedule. The gym is typically not open at other times.

Tuesday 3-7 pm Max Effort Squat
Thursday 3-7 pm Max Effort Bench
Saturday 9-Noon Dynamic Effort Squat
Sunday 9-Noon Dynamic Effort Bench

All Sling Shot product questions should be directed through this link.

If you’re visiting the area and would like to train at the gym, please note the schedule above when sending your message as the gym is NOT generally open at other times.

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