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Underloading = Reloading By Mark Bell

IMG_4465 [800x600]

When you first get into strength training it’s to get chicks or to make the football team —which could also lead to chicks. What you didn’t realize is that chicks want to see you cruising the streets in the latest whip (car) and they couldn’t care less that you had 18 tackles and two fumble…

You Never Know…. by Donnie Thompson


On December 10th, 2011, the most incredible surprise in my lifting career took place. There was an unsanctioned meet in Pelion, SC. It was held at American Muscle and named after me. It was to honor my contributions to powerlifting here in South Carolina and the 3,000 lb Total. I wanted to invite all the…

Guest Blog – ST, Me and a Little Bit of Fear by Tara Getty

Our gym is Midtown Strength and Conditioning (MTSC)/Super Training (ST), and it is pretty traditionally non-traditional.   We have some buffed guys, hot chicks and regular people (who are actually not so regular because they have forsaken the big box gyms for more personal and REAL strength training).  We have more weights than any gym on…

How We Roll at Super Training

Here’s a great article by Mark Bell that describes how we actually train at ST. It originally appeared in the Jan/Feb 2011 issue of Power Magazine.  The road paved by Louie Simmons and his elite lifters gives me confidence that his program works. Why do I feel it works? How about 20 800-lb. deadlifters! The Russians…

Your First Powerlifting Meet

raw squat depth

How to Prepare to Smash F’n Weights in Your First Powerlifting Meet By Cara Westin – You’ve been lifting heavy for a while and want to test yourself on the platform. Are you ready to enter your first powerlifting meet? Are your numbers good enough to enter a meet? There is only one answer…

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