1-18-2014Super Training gym was formed in October 2006 as a REAL Gym. If you want to get bigger, faster and stronger, it isn’t going to happen in a commercial gym. You can not contribute the level of effort needed to achieve greatness when 30 people behind you are riding exercise bikes and watching TV. The only way to reach your potential is to be in an environment where everyone has the same goal: to get better. Training and results come first, everything else is secondary.

Super Training Gym is owned by Mark Bell AKA JackAss AKA Smelly (as seen in the documentary Bigger, Stronger Faster*). The gym is located inside Midtown Strength and Fitness, 2010 Third Street, Sacramento, California. The Super Training Gym was named one of the 30 best gyms in America by Men’s Health in March 2008, and voted #2 gym in America by the readers of TheActiveLife.com in 2013. Super Training is a Certified Westside Barbell Gym.

Team Super Training is our group of powerlifters. We have lifters of many different strength levels and knowledge. Being strong is not enough to get you in the group. You have to want to get better day in and day out. As a team we all push each other above and beyond what could ever be achieved on our own.

Super Training Gym is now a private facility at which QUALIFIED, STRENGTH ATHLETES can train at no cost with the team during regular team training hours. If you are interested in training at the gym, either on a regular basis or if you’re in town visiting, please send a message using the form on the Contact Us page. DO NOT show up at the gym without previous contact and expect to be able to train. 


Super Training Gym is located inside Midtown Strength & Conditioning
(which is in downtown Sacramento). See Map and address below.

Team Super Training usually trains according to this schedule:

Tuesday 4-8 pm Max Effort Squat
Thursday 4-8 pm Max Effort Bench
Saturday 9-Noon Dynamic Effort Squat
Sunday 9-Noon Dynamic Effort Bench


The gym is located at 2010 Third Street, Sacramento, CA 95818. Click on the pin in the map below to get directions to the gym from your location.



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